Sunday, January 27, 2013

1918-19 Pandemic 1st Case Diagnosed At Camp Dix

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The first person to fall victim to influenza in New Jersey was a soldier at Fort Dix who had just returned from Europe. From Fort Dix, the disease spread rapidly throughout the state.
The state health officer announced on the 27th of September that the disease “was unusually prevalent” throughout the state. By the 30th of September, the state was reporting that 2,000 cases had been reported in the preceding three days. On October 10th, state officials formally banned all public gatherings. By October 15th, state officials had reported 88,256 cases of influenza, although the number was undoubtedly higher. By the 22nd, state authorities estimated that there were at least 149,540 cases in the state, with 4,398 deaths being officially reported. On October 22nd, the pandemic peaked in the state; that day there were 7,449 new cases and 366 deaths. The situation slowly improved after the third week of October.

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